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Aaron Dorr

Aaron Dorr is a political activist with over ten years of experience fighting for the Second Amendment in state legislatures including Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, and Wyoming.

In 2018, Aaron drafted and led the lobbying effort for the successful passage of Wyoming’s Stand-Your-Ground law, as the Policy Advisor for Wyoming Gun Owners. This legislation, considered one of the strongest versions to ever pass into law, made Wyoming the 36th Stand-Your-Ground law state.

After that successful fight, Aaron continues to help Wyoming Gun Owners expose anti-gun lawmakers during election time, and also directs their current effort to end ‘Gun Free Zones’ in the state.

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As the policy advisor for the Missouri Firearms Coalition, Aaron ran a statewide grassroots lobbying effort that led to the passage of Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground legislation in Missouri, in 2016.

This included the successful override of then-Governor Jay Nixon’s veto, which cemented the passage of the largest gun bill in Missouri history.

Since that time, Aaron continues to assist the organization as they work to stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ defend the state’s Constitutional Carry law, and work to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones.’

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As the Executive Director for Iowa Gun Owners for over ten years, Aaron has led gun owners in a years-long battle that has entirely reshaped the Iowa political landscape.

From 2009 – 2010, Iowa Gun Owners members gutted the state’s abusive ‘May Issue’ permit system and replaced it with ‘Shall Issue’ legislation as a byproduct of the group’s push for Constitutional Carry.

In the fall of 2010, Aaron designed and implemented the first election program for Iowa Gun Owners, exposing dozens of incumbents who voted against Constitutional Carry. Almost two dozen incumbents were booted out of office as a result.

In 2012, Iowa Gun Owners began a program to pass Stand-Your-Ground law in the state legislature. The bill was blocked repeatedly by anti-gun lawmakers who controlled the State Senate.

In 2016, Aaron designed and implemented a massive election program for Iowa Gun Owners as they worked to expose those anti-gun incumbents in the State Senate who had been blocking gun bills for years.

This program consisted of direct mail, social media, TV and radio ads, door-to-door efforts and more, resulting in the defeat of every single anti-gun incumbent, and the flip of the Iowa Senate.

In 2017, following up on the election success that gun owners achieved in 2016, Aaron ran a coordinated grassroots lobby program for Iowa Gun Owners that resulted in the passage of Stand-Your-Ground law in Iowa — ending a 6-year fight.

Currently, Aaron is helping Iowa Gun Owners as the group fights to make Iowa the next Constitutional Carry state, while also working to make sure that ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation does not advance within the state’s moderate House of Representatives.

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While working for these organizations, Aaron has amassed tremendous experience in grassroots lobbying, legislative management, political copy-writing, social media marketing/mobilization techniques, and election-era programs that expose gun-grabbers.

In his spare time, Aaron also travels the country teaching conservative activists how to be effective in grassroots politics.

Aaron and his wife, Kristen, have four sons and two daughters and can, consequently, be found in their local Costco store on a regular basis.