Defeat HR127 – The Biggest Gun Control Threat in America!

The Radical Left in DC is going all-in on trying to take down our Second Amendment with H.R. 127!

H.R. 127 is bad – the WORST gun control bill we’ve ever seen.

This is H.R. 127:

1. Mandates the registration of all firearms AND ammunition across the country!
2. BANS .50 caliber ammo!
3. Requires MENTAL HEALTH exams in order to buy a gun or ammo!
4. BANS all magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
5. Establishes a National Ammo Registry so the government knows who own what ammo. 
6. Mandates Civil Liability insurance for gun owners. 
7. Forces you to pay $800 PER YEAR to get a national “license” to own a firearm or ammo. 

This bill is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. 

Emboldened by their success in already passing HR8 through the US House, Nancy Pelosi is gearing up for an even bigger attack to push HR127 through!

We have to push back and make sure H.R. 127 NEVER becomes law!

So please use this form to send your OFFICIAL PETITION opposing H.R. 127!

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