Dettelbach: Another Tyrant to Run the ATF!

After getting boot-stomped by gun owners who blocked David Chipman’s nomination to run the ATF last summer, Joe Biden is considering naming Steve Dettelbach to run this scandal-ridden agency, hoping that gun owners won’t fight like hell against him like they did with Chippy.

But we gun owners need to oppose Dettelbach’s nomination with everything we’ve got!

That’s because Dettelbach wants to completely disarm teachers who are allowed to carry thanks to state law and he wants to add people with certain misdemeanor convictions to the ‘prohibited persons’ database, which would disarm millions of gun owners!

Worse, as a former United States Attorney under President Obama, Dettelbach has publicly supported a national gun registry and has called for a ban on the sale of AR-15s! And if gun owners don’t comply with this, Dettelbach thinks you belong in prison!

To hell with that!

Gun owners stopped David Chipman’s nomination last year by standing together and hammering on the United States Senate, demanding that they block Chipman’s nomination. Now, we need to do it again.

So please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION OF OPPOSITION to Steve Dettelbach’s nomination to run the ATF, so your US Senators know that you expect them to oppose Dettelbach every step of the way or face gun owners in November!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of the American Firearms Association so we can keep fighting for you in D.C.! You can get involved at!