Tell Congress to Pass SAPA!

Joe Biden and the radical left can’t pass their agenda through Congress, but that’s not stopping them from using the ATF to attack gun owners through bureaucratic BS that bypasses Congress! Their goal is to illegalize pistol braces and 80% lower receiver based firearms!

That’s why Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is teaming up with the American Firearms Association and introducing the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) (H.R. 993!)

This legislation states that NO federal taxpayer dollars could be used to enforce any of the ATF’s gun control regulations or any federal laws that regulate the ‘lawful use, purchase, sale, possession, or transportation of firearms by any citizen of the United States.’

That’s why Congresswoman Greene is filing this legislation, but anti-gun radicals and weak RINOs are trying to kill this bill before it gets off the ground!

Help us pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act! Sign your petition in support today, so that the politicians in D.C. know you want SAPA passed NOW!!

When you’re done, please join the American Firearms Association as a member and help us pass SAPA law by going to!