Tell the Politicians in Austin to Oppose A Statewide Gun Registry! Sign Your Petition NOW!

A group of radical socialist lawmakers in Austin, led by Representative Lina Ortega and Senator Cesar Blanco have declared open war on the Second Amendment, and their number one agenda is to pass H.B. 118/S,B, 163, a statewide registry of gun owners under the guise of universal background checks!

Universal background checks will make FELONS out of gun owners who transfer a firearm without first obtaining government permission!

If you give your family heirloom firearms to your favorite nephew, for example, without government permission, under this bill, you would be a felon!

If you loan a firearm to a friend to go hunting without getting government permission, under this bill, you would be a felon!

On top of that, universal background checks have not stopped a single mass shooting over the last ten years!

This isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

The bill is gaining support quickly, so please stand with us by signing your petition against these bills TODAY! 

And when you’re done, please consider becoming a member of the American Firearms Association today, by going here