Rep. Brown Wants To BAN Americans Under 21 From Owning Firearms!

Radical Socialists in D.C. have introduced H.R. 717, a bill that would BAN anyone under 21 from exercising their Constituional Right to own and carry a firearm!

Under Rep. Anthony Brown’s (D-MD) Bloomberg-backed bill, there are carvouts for active duty military and police officers, meaning this insane anti-gunner believes that patriots under the age of 21 can be trusted to use these firearms…. while at the same time NOT be trusted to use these firearms.

This legislation is totally insane, would not save any lives and would undermine our Second Amendment rights and those rights of the next generation of American patriots.

Please use the form provided and send your PRE-WRITTEN email to your U.S. Senator and Congressperson telling them to OPPOSE H.R. 717 at all costs and stop this attack on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

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