Don’t Let the Politicians in Austin Ban Our AR-15’s!

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, with an estimated 20 million of them in circulation across the country!

It’s easy to see why; these firearms are easy to maneuver, accurate, customizable, and hold plenty of ammunition, which makes them perfect for stopping both criminals and tyrants alike.

State Representative Terry Meza and a growing band of her fellow socialists in Austin hate the fact that you and I own these rifle and that’s why they are pushing H.B. 172/H.B. 241, legislation that would allow them to send you away to prison for years for the ‘crime’ of buying on of these rifles!

With scandal-ridden Joe Biden headed to the White House, support for this legislation will be growing fast!

Please take a moment to sign your petition against this legislation IMMEDIATELY! 

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