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Chris Dorr

Chris Dorr is a political activist with twelve years of experience ranging from local to presidential electoral politics, and focusing on legislative action through grassroots mobilization.

In 2007, Chris worked for the Ron Paul campaign and assisted in several key states like Iowa, South Carolina and Virginia.

In 2010, Chris successfully managed his first state senate campaign against an entrenched incumbent Democrat.

In 2011 and 2012, Chris worked as field director for Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann’s Iowa campaign, helping her defeat a broad spectrum of opponents to win the Iowa Straw Poll.

Chris has worked as a legislative aide, a campaign manager and a campaign consultant.

Chris got involved in gun rights politics in 2010 with Iowa Gun Owners, helping with strategy, messaging and mobilization efforts to pass Shall-Issue law in 2010 and Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017.

Chris was the founding director for Minnesota Gun Rights in 2013, and has been instrumental in defeating Michael Bloomberg’s agenda for Minnesota as well as a slew of Bloomberg-endorsed candidates.

Chris served as legislative liaison to the Missouri legislature on behalf of the Missouri Firearms Coalition to pass Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground in 2016, helping successfully override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto.

Also in 2016, Chris recruited his brother Ben to helm Minnesota Gun Rights and moved his own family to Ohio in part to start Ohio Gun Owners.

In only two years, Ohio Gun Owners grew into the largest gun rights organization in Ohio, and under Chris’ leadership the members of Ohio Gun Owners successfully blocked anti-gun governor John Kasich’s attempt to pass Red Flags Gun Confiscation orders.

Chris remains involved in the direct messaging functions of Iowa Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Rights, the Missouri Firearms Coalition, and Wyoming Gun Owners, who he helped pass Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018.

Chris believes in a no-holds-barred approach to gun politics, coupled with uncompromising and ruthless advocacy in the defense of our Second Amendment rights.

Chris is unapologetically proud of the work he and his brothers do on behalf of the members of the organizations they work for.

The husband of one, a father to six (and one on the way!), Chris is a lifelong enthusiast of American History and our Founding Fathers, shooting, hunting, boxing, kayaking and the outdoors.