Alex Dorr

Legislative Liaison

Alex Dorr fights like hell to advance gun rights in State Capitols throughout the South and in D.C.

Living in Georgia, he now handles the day-to-day operations and legislative lobbying for Georgia Gun Owners, but still makes time to chase David Hogg out of hearings in Washington, D.C.

While most gun owners are avid game hunters for trophies, Alex prefers hunting for political careers at election time. In between these “hunting seasons,” he can be found in at least one monthly USPSA match, trying to someday reach the ranks of a respectable “A” or even “Master” class.

He and his wife have two sons, the oldest of which already has the ‘bug’ for guns and won’t go a day without working on something in the gun room with his dad.

His sons are the energy for this fight; whatever freedoms that can be secured in Alex’s lifetime, he wants to pass down to them.

Alex fights tirelessly against any political enemy or agenda that would make salves out of his sons.