Patrick Parsons

Executive Vice President

Patrick Parsons has almost two decades of experience in conservative, grassroots politics while spending much of the last 13 years fighting for gun rights in Congress and in state capitols nationwide.  Patrick is known for “telling it like it is” and has a long history of confronting politicians at all levels of government.

In 2010, Patrick founded Georgia’s largest grassroots Second Amendment organization, Georgia Gun Owners, and fought for much of the past decade building a grassroots and legislative coalition that would end up making Georgia a “Constitutional Carry” state.

During the 2018 Georgia Governor’s race, Patrick got every single Republican candidate for Governor to go on record by filling out the Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey, confronting frontrunner at the time, Lt. Gov Casey Cagle, who was stonewalling gun owners. During the General Election, Georgia Gun Owners spent hundreds of thousands of dollars across Georgia on ads exposing anti-gun Stacey Abrams’ gun control.

After a stint in Congress as Chief of State to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Patrick returned to the Second Amendment world as Executive Vice President of the American Firearms Association.

Although a graduate of the University of Georgia, Patrick is a life-long and much maligned Vanderbilt sports fan.  Patrick lives in Georgia with his wife and four kids.