Now that Nancy Pelosi has passed ‘Red Flags’ through the House, she’s setting her sights on our AR-15’s and hundreds of similar firearms — and we all know why.

The AR-15, more than any other firearm in history, symbolizes Americans’ love of freedom and defiance of tyranny.

Joe Biden and Democrats know this, and that’s why they are rolling out new legislation this week that would enact a 1,000% tax increase on AR-15s and magazines! 

Pelosi is having gun-grabber Rep. Don Beyer (D-VA) carry this bill in the House. But rather than run this bill as a ‘standalone’ on the floor, sources indicate they’ll run this as an amendment on an existing budget bill.

If Pelosi does that, this bill could pass with a simple majority vote — even if EVERY Republican opposed it.

And if that happens, you and I could wind up paying between $5,000 and $20,000 for an AR-15 and $200 for a 30-round AR mag!

To be very clear, this bill is NOT limited to AR-15s alone. Hundreds of similar rifles, shotguns, and handguns would be subject to this 1,000% tax increase.

We all know why: Biden’s handlers are determined to disarm us any way they can. And in case they can’t get the votes to flat out ban our AR-15s, they hope to tax them to hell and gone!

This way, Biden can functionally outlaw the Second Amendment without ever having to have his America-hating allies in Congress vote on a bill that confiscates guns.

And with Congressional Republicans like Adam Kinzinger (R-Il) and Chris Jacobs (R-NY) already backing a full-on ban on AR-15’s, an AR-15 taxing bill could receive major GOP support!

We can’t take anything for granted.

There are major fights coming up in Congress next week, and you’ll be hearing more about those from us in the very near future.

But if Congress can put a 1,000% tax on our Second Amendment freedoms, they might as well repeal the whole damn thing.

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For America,

Christopher Dorr, 
American Firearms Association