This morning in Chicago, radical leftist gun-grabbers will hold their final hearing on HB 5855, a gun control MEGA BILL, before they try to ram it into law during the “lame duck” session, which takes place Jan 4-10.

If you’re interested in attending, here is the location in Chicago:

C-600, 6th Floor, Michael A. Bilandic Building 

The American Firearms Association is spending big across the state mobilizing tens of thousands of gun owners against this dangerous legislation.

We’re asking all of our supporters to call their legislators OPPOSING HB 5855, sign the petition below, and chip in whatever you can to help us keep our ads running!

Help AFA stop this dangerous legislation by signing your DEFEAT HB 5855 petition NOW!

We’ve never seen a gun control bill as tyrannical as the one just introduced in Illinois.

If you and I have any chance of stopping this draconian attack on your Second Amendment rights, I need you to sign your DEFEAT HB 5855 petition!

Here are the details — HB 5855 would:

*** BAN the sale and possession of semi-auto, centerfire and mag fed rifles

*** BAN all magazines with more than 10 rounds

*** Make it ILLEGAL to purchase or possess .50 caliber rifles and cartridges

*** Increase the age to 21 of getting a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card needed to own or possess a firearm in Illinois

*** Massive expansion of Illinois “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders from six months to twelve months

*** New restrictions on hunters under the age of 21

*** Registration and fee payment with the Illinois State Police of so-called “assault weapons”

After you’ve taken action, please join up with AFA TODAY at