Over the last 24 hours, gun owners from across the country have been contacting us and asking that we give our opinions on the Firearms Policy Coalition’s ‘woke’ controversy, and clarify our organization’s stance on these issues. 

We never like to speak poorly of organizations who are supposed to be advocating for the 2nd Amendment, but just as we have been forced to speak the truth about the NRA and their betrayals of gun owners in the past, we will speak the truth now.

Here are the facts. 


48 hours ago a profile on Reddit, aptly named ‘Second Amendment Liberals,’ made a post celebrating Antifa standing guard with firearms outside a perverse and grooming ‘drag queen’ show in the heart of Texas that was being put on for children, with the title “2A is for everyone, always has been.”

The news that a Texas drag show with armed Antifa guards and kids in attendance was shared all over Twitter by normal Conservatives who were repulsed that this was being allowed and that children were being sexualized by adults right in public.

Shortly after these posts went viral, former Daily Caller (Tucker Carlson’s media company) editor and Conservative activist, Scott Greer, posted a screen shot of the Reddit post on Twitter, lamenting the fact that some so-called pro-gun activists encourage arming our political enemies (Antifa) because their worldview isn’t based in our American heritage of a moral culture. To which FPC replied….

It was boggling to gun owners who read this Twitter post that FPC would defend Antifa and drag-queen child-grooming. Many people posted their opposition to it on the thread, verbalizing their total disgust against the woke agenda that is targeting our children. To which FPC responded…

At this point, being firmly caught “doubling down” in their defense of Antifa, drag queens and supporters of pedophilia, the lolbertarians at FPC started lashing out at gun owners who were not so eager to throw their support behind criminals and the debauched, claiming that opposing this grotesque wokeness was “authoritarian.” 

Thousands of gun owners now started wading into the conversation, insisting that America’s gun rights community should NOT be supporting Leftist wokeism, drag queens, Antifa etc, and instead should take a more sane, normal, based approach to dealing with the corrupt and degenerate forces that are attacking our families, freedom and firearms.

FPC, now squarely under the gun from frustrated gun owners, responded with this…

At this point, and now more confused and frustrated than ever, normal Second Amendment supporters were demanding FPC answer the question of how they could say, “we don’t support evil” after defending Antifa and groomer drag queens.

Many were particularly dumbfounded given FPC’s recent controversies of hiring gross porn stars, publicly supporting the anti-family LGBT political agenda as well as sending their legal team to defend abortionists in Georgia AND in Texas.

FPC continued to double down, lashing out at Second Amendment supporters for being conservative and standing against FPC’s liberal “values,” which again sparked FPC’s comment section to come alive with patriots who wanted no part of FPC’s ideologically-liberal agenda.

(NOTE: the comments above are a sampling of thousands of similar comments seen on FPC’s social media accounts over the last 24 hours)


Since last night, gun owners have repeatedly asked, “Does the American Firearms Association agree with FPC’s stance on these issues and are you aligned?”

The answer to that question is an absolute NO!

We believe, as our Founders Fathers believed and articulated in America’s founding documents, that any movement to defend and advance the freedoms and the rights of the individual MUST have a moral component to it. 

As John Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Morality and virtue are the foundation of our glorious republic and utterly necessary for a society to be free.

For a gun rights organization like FPC to promote, propagate and defend Communist Antifa, ‘doctors’ killing babies, the LGBT political agenda, porn actresses and drag queens grooming our little kids, it is ridiculously perverse and we are 100% OPPOSED to their ideology.

To be clear, the American Firearms Association does believe that pedophiles have the the right to VERY swift justice upon conviction in a court of law.

But to walk this ideological and politically liberal route is to play right into the hands of the very people who want to enslave us, who want our families torn apart, who want our firearms taken away and who want America destroyed.

To that, American Firearms Association says, “No.”

The American Firearms Association and our powerful state affiliate organizations all across America have been fighting this corrupt and debauched agenda tooth and nail from our beginning, and we will never compromise our mission, our morality or our American principles

Why? Because we are just like you.

As for the liberal-tarians at the Firearms Policy Coalition? We recommend that they start with reading their Bibles, follow it up with studies on ethics and morality, read the works of our Founding Fathers and stop supporting the enemies of everything we love.     

Oh, and one more thing: FPC should stop attacking based, conservative gun owners who believe in what is good and right and proper. It is unproductive to our cause.

For America,

The Dorr Brothers
Founders of the American Firearms Association