“I am determined to ban assault weapons in this country.  I did it once before, and we are going to do it again.”

Not a day passes without Joe Biden making very clear that the moment he gets the votes, he’s going to pass a so-called “Assault Weapons Ban.”

With the Senate returning to Washington, DC next Tuesday and Nancy Pelosi having rammed (H.R. 1808) through the House earlier this month, all of us must be on high alert for potential movement of this bill in the Senate. 

The gun-grabbers are always looking for the next high profile shooting to make this a reality . . . 

We must PUSH BACK hard right now.

So far, we’ve flooded the Senate with nearly a quarter million petitions OPPOSING this dangerous legislation.

Please help us reach our 500,000 goal over the next 8 days by signing your petition OPPOSING the Pelosi / Feinstein “Assault Weapons Ban” (H.R. 1808 / S. 736)!


We’re also encouraging you to consider joining or renewing your membership with the American Firearms Association below. 

The fights are white hot in this country … now is the time to be involved!

Please stay tuned for more information about this legislation … we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Thank you again for all of your generous support and grassroots activism.

For America,

Christopher Dorr, 
American Firearms Association