Just a few minutes ago, Joe Biden gave a press conference celebrating the $750,000,000 in funding that RINOs gave to implement Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws across our country.

But that wasn’t all.

Biden was very clear about his promise to pass a ban on TENS of MILLIONS of firearms owned by people like you and me.

Biden said “I’m determined to ban these weapons again and 30 round magazines. I’m not going to stop until I do it!”

The fact is that Joe Biden and his party are in big trouble with the American people going into November, and right now they’re going to war against peaceful gun owners in order to get Leftist votes and they’ll stop at nothing to ban our AR-15s and hundreds of other firearms!

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Biden said one thing that was 100% correct.

Success begets success.”

He was talking about the fact that in the Senate, RINOs gave the Democrats all the votes they needed to pass a massive gun control package just a couple weeks ago.

Because of that, Biden knows there’s a strong chance that that success will inspire those same RINOs to vote their way on a bill banning our AR-15s!

How do we know for sure?

Because 10 minutes ago Joe Biden gave a massive shoutout and a huge THANK YOU to John Cornyn (R-TX) and Tom Tillis (R-North Carolina) for recently backing his gun control package.

(Republican Sen. John Cornyn in center, white hair, shaking Joe Biden’s hand in congratulations for the passage of his new gun control laws.) 

The fact is, if we don’t FIGHT LIKE HELL right now, we could see MILLIONS of firearms straight up BANNED in America!

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We can’t win this fight without your help. Our AFA Team is in D.C. constantly and will be reporting to us with updates on this very soon.

Please help if you can!

For America,

Christopher Dorr

American Firearms Association