Joe Biden is running into a wall of angry gun owners at every turn in his domestic gun control agenda, and has already been forced to pull David Chipman’s nomination to head the ATF!

Last week our sources on the Hill informed us that national gun control organizations have been screaming at Biden’s staff in closed door meetings in the White House, demanding action on federal gun control.

That’s why the State Department just announced that the United States will be signing onto the UN Small Army Treaty, the first step in the process of surrendering our gun rights to an international tribunal led by Communist China!

This treaty would establish a global gun registry that tracks the ‘end user’ of every firearm in the world. It encourages America to adopt legislation from foreign powers regarding the possession and use of firearms.

And conflicts between America and others in this treaty are to be mediated by groups of nations. In other words, Communist China and some of the world’s most oppressive regimes would have the ultimate say over the Second Amendment freedoms of the American people.

<<< STOP CHINA! >>>

These countries HATE America. They HATE our freedoms. And they HATE the fact that America has the nation’s most well-armed civilian population in history!

So make sure your U.S. Senators know that they can either oppose this treaty, or start looking for another job.

Then donate, to help us make sure that the Chinese or any other foreign power never has a say over the gun rights of the freest people on earth!

— Chris


If you thought that Joe Biden was no longer a threat — that his disastrous handling of Afghanistan would make him take a step back and question his sanity — I have some bad news for you.

Joe Biden’s State Department just returned from a trip to Europe where they informed the international community that Biden is committed to resuming Barack Obama’s push to subject proud American gun owners to the United Nations Small Arms Treaty!

President Trump removed America from this international treaty, putting Americans and our Second Amendment freedoms outside the whims of foreign powers like Communist China.

But China Joe, assumed by many to be under the thumb of the Chinese government because of his business dealings there and the dirt they have on his son Hunter, is reversing Trump’s policy.


The UN Small Arms Treaty is the ultimate goal of the international global elites who despise the idea of checks and balances on federal power and the idea of ‘the consent of the governed.’

They want the power to do anything they damn well please. And in most of the world (think China,) they can do exactly that, as the civilian population is already effectively disarmed.

But standing between these globalists and their goal of complete power are 100 million proud gun owners in America, who possess an estimated 400 million privately owned firearms!

That’s why the radical leftists — from the White House to the United Nations — want to force Americans into the UN Small Arms Treaty, so they can begin the process of disarming us!

You see, one of the main tenants of the UN Small Arms Treaty is the creation of a GLOBAL GUN REGISTRY, which would require the American government to disclose the ‘end user’ of each and every rifle, pistol and shotgun in circulation to the United Nations!


And what happens if Americans decide that we don’t want to surrender our independence and our right to keep and bear arms to an international tribunal run by the Chinese?

Good question. The answer is terrifying.

The UN Small Arms Treaty establishes a process for ‘dispute settlement’ involving all parties, which means that Communist China, the Russians, European socialists and 3rd world ‘leaders’ from places like Cameroon and Sierra Leone will get to place limits on your right to keep and bear arms!

This is madness, but this is exactly what Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want: to destroy the Second Amendment and remove the only country standing up against globalism in the world.

That’s because deep down these wicked people, our own government, hate this great country.

They hate the Christian faith it was built on. They hate the fact that our Founding Fathers gave us a Second Amendment in case our own government turned on us. And they hate the fact that gun owners have never bent our knee for them, and the certain knowledge that we NEVER WILL!


America is a special place, a unique nation, set apart.

We were founded in rebellion to tyranny, in violent rejection to the idea that ‘We The People’ were to be mere subjects to an all-powerful potentate, able to be squashed at whim.

Foreign powers have always hated us for this, have always wanted to crush freedom here, so it could not spread across the globe. But now, the enemies to these freedoms aren’t just international, they are internal. And they want us disarmed!

But for them to pass the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, they need the United States Senate to vote to ratify it. That’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign your petition demanding that YOUR U.S. Senators oppose this treaty IMMEDIATELY! Sign your petition NOW!


Once your petition has been officially received, you’ll be taken to a completion page and given the opportunity to make a donation. And I hope you’ll be generous.

These people hate the freedoms that you and I love.

And if Biden and the international gun-grabbers who are pushing the UN Small Arms Treaty can convince a couple weak Democrats or moderate Republicans to go along with this, our gun rights would be obliterated!

So if you can afford to donate $100, $250, or even $500, I hope that you’ll do so immediately. Believe me, as the father of seven children, I know what a sacrifice that is for most people.

If that’s not possible, please consider $75, $50, $25 or some other amount to help us run an online and direct mail program, designed to flood our Senators with petitions opposing this threat to our freedom and way of life.


Thank you for taking action, whether you can afford to donate or not. I’m proud to live in a country where ‘We The People’ are in charge, not some dictator in Washington, D.C.

I know these freedoms are being challenged by the President, Congress, Governors, state legislatures, and even our local school boards right now. But Americans won’t accept this for long. And that goes double when a foreign power tries to put limits on our right to keep and bear arms!

So keep standing with us. We’ve beaten Biden in Congress, we’ve beaten his nominees like David Chipman, we’re beating his Executive Orders with SAPA legislation.

We can beat this too!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

P.S. Joe Biden has just instructed the State Department to begin the process of subjecting Americans to the UN Small Arms Treaty — which would establish an international firearms registry.

The Chinese and other foreign powers who are pushing this, with help from Joe Biden, hate gun owners because we are standing between them and their goals of reducing this great country to their puppet. They want to disarm all of us, via this treaty!


After you send your petition to YOUR U.S. Senators telling them to ‘VOTE NO’ on the UN Small Arms Treaty, please make a donation to help us fight for you!