The 2022 session of Congress is going to be a MAJOR fight to stop Communism but it’s also FULL of opportunities!

Yes, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are going all-in to pass ANY and all gun control before the midterms where they will likely lose control of at least one chamber.

Just a handful of the bills they’re pushing in 2022 are:

>> H.R. 8, National Gun Registration;

>> H.R. 4953, expanding the ATF and its power;

>> S. 292, Red Flag Gun Confiscations;

>> H.R. 1808/S.736, Feinstein’s so-called “Assault Weapons Ban”

…and that’s just the start! There are dozens more.

The American Firearms Association is fighting like hell on Capitol Hill to make sure each and every one of these gun control bills dies a miserable death.

But that’s just on the defensive side!

We have a great opportunity to fight on OFFENSE in 2022 as well. As everybody knows, the best defense is a good offense and organizations who refuse to fight forward will eventually lose.

That’s why the AFA is fighting to build huge momentum behind:

>> H.R. 993, MTG’s National Second Amendment Preservation Act;

>> H.R. 3960, the “ELIMINATE the ATF” bill;

>> H.R. 6248, Congressman Matt Gaetz’ National Stand-Your-Ground Act

…and more!

Nothing works better to force the Left on defense like pushing for major pro-gun legislation.

And as we build up a tidal wave of support for pro-gun bills under Democrat control in Washington, if the GOP takes back control in November, there will be a clear mandate from We The People to ADVANCE our Constitutional rights moving forward.

That’s our plan for 2022 and if you like what you read, I hope you join the American Firearms Association TODAY as a member and help us put this plan into action, stop gun control and advance the Second Amendment this year!

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The Left is going all-in. But so is the American Firearms Association. I hope you’re fighting with us!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association