Today, Georgia passed Constitutional Carry out of the General Assembly in Atlanta and sent it to Governor Brian Kemp, who tweeted only moments after the bill passed his intentions to sign the bill into law.

Georgia’s passage of this fabulous freedom restoration will officially mark the half-way point in making Constitutional Carry the law of the land in all fifty states!

Let me tell you, I’m proud as hell of all of the work that our state affiliate, Georgia Gun Owners, has put into making this a reality for every one of Georgia’s 10.6 MILLION citizens!

As many of you likely remember, Georgia Gun Owners was founded by the American Firearms Association’s Executive Vice-President, Patrick Parsons!

AFA’s official state affiliate, Georgia Gun Owners and her proud members have been fighting in the trenches for over a decade to get this bill passed and today, AFA and GGO members across Georgia won a massive victory.

Check out their email below!

The American Firearms Association is proud as hell to be a federation of state-based gun-rights organizations that fight viciously, from day one of the fight, all the way through to the end.

“Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan” is a phrase that applies 100% to gun politics and the fight for freedom.

Today, everyone claims victory for passing Constitutional Carry in Georgia, but this fight was started, fought and won by Georgia Gun Owners, and the American Firearms Association was proud to lend our national firepower to their boots-on-the-ground and boots-up-their-ass freedom brawl to make Georgia the lucky #25.

For America,

Chris Dorr

American Firearms Association



In a massive advancement of Second Amendment freedom, the Georgia Senate just passed Constitutional Carry law by a vote of 34-22! Having already passed the Georgia House, the bill is now headed to Brian Kemp’s desk for his signature!

Kemp, facing a primary and feeling the heat for not having made Constitutional Carry a priority for the last three years, has repeatedly said he would sign this bill this year.

But we aren’t taking ANYTHING for granted. So please contact Brian Kemp immediately, and demand that he keeps his campaign promise, by signing Constitutional Carry into law at once!

As you know, this legislation would let millions of law-abiding Georgians carry a firearm for self-defense without having to beg the government for permission or add our names into a government database!

But this is about more than policy for the members of GGO.

Passing Constitutional Carry is about sending a message to the media, the DNC, Stacey Abrams and each and every politician in Atlanta that Georgia stands for freedom — and that GGO nation will always stand and fight for that freedom! 

More, passing this bill into law would make Georgia the 25th Constitutional Carry state and continue the national momentum behind this legislation, making it easier for gun owners in other states to pass it there, too.

But before this can happen, Brian Kemp needs to sign the bill into law and finish this 10-year battle once and for all! Make sure he follows through on this, by sending him this email now!

Every gain we’ve made in this fight has been because of GGO members like you! Your pressure helped us get 31 cosponsors on the bill in the Senate, pass the bill through repeated committees, and drove the bill across the finish line in the House and Senate! You have been amazing all session long!

Now, let’s end this fight once and for all!

And for anyone reading this email who is not yet a member of Georgia Gun Owner, it’s time that you joined us in this fight.

GGO fights like hell for our members in Atlanta. That’s why the Democrats AND the RINOs attacked us on the floor this year. That’s why the media attacked us this year. And that’s why Bloomberg’s front-groups attacked us this year. 

We wear that as a badge of honor. After all, if corrupt politicians and Michael Bloomberg isn’t attacking a gun rights organization these days, clearly, that group is worthless.

So if you want to take a stand in the fight for freedom, hit this link and become a member of GGO nation today!

For those who are already members and just want to make a special donation to help us finish the fight for Constitutional Carry, you may do that here.

Victory is in sight for Georgians who have been waiting so long for Constitutional Carry! We’re closer than ever before! Keep the pressure up on Brian Kemp until he signs this bill into law!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. In a legislative shot heard around the nation, the Georgia Senate just passed Constitutional Carry legislation through their chamber for the last time, sending this bill on to Brian Kemp for his signature!

Contact Kemp right away and insist that he keeps his campaign promise by signing Constitutional Carry into law immediately!

This is it! One more signature and Georgia will officially become the nation’s 25th Constitutional Carry state! Fight hard, all the way to the end, and help us FINISH THIS FIGHT!