Democrats keep control of the Senate?

As outrageous as it is, they’re still counting votes in important Senate and House races across the country.

But with the dust starting to settle from Tuesday’s election, we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of what the House and Senate might look like as we head into 2023.

Needless to say, despite what the “polls” predicted in previous weeks, a massive red wave never materialized.

Yes, it looks like Nancy Pelosi’s Speaker gavel will be taken away, but there is a much higher likelihood that Democrat gun-grabber Chuck Schumer will retain control of the Senate with an expanded majority.

This is VERY bad news for our Second Amendment rights.  When the new Congress is sworn in, there will be no time to rest.

Here’s the lay of the land in the Senate:

U.S. Senate

I’ll start with the little bit of good news first, though there is a lot of bad down below.

Thanks to big time grassroots action from our state affiliates in North Carolina, Ohio, and Missouri, Ted Budd (NC), J.D. Vance (OH) and Eric Schmitt (MO) are new incoming Republicans who stand to be Second Amendment upgrades over the retiring RINOs they’re replacing.

Adding these three to the group of Rand Paul (KY), Mike Lee (UT), Ted Cruz (TX), Ron Johnson (WI), and a couple of others, the Republican caucus will likely have a net gain of rebel rousers serving as a thorn in Mitch McConnell’s side. 

Now, the bad news.

In Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz, never a champion of the Second Amendment and ran a horrible campaign, went down in flames to John Fetterman.  This was a pickup seat for Chuck Schumer and the Democrats.

As of this writing, two potential pick up seats for Republicans, where votes are still being counted, are not looking good.  Arizona and Nevada.

Unlike Florida, where they get the votes counted in a few hours, these two states take days (you and I know why they do it this way) to count the votes.  

Both seats are currently held by gun-grabbers Mark Kelly (AZ) and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV).  If they remain in their hands, Chuck Schumer will control the U.S. Senate.

What that means is, ALL the gun control goodies the Democrats want will be back on the table, as well as nuking the filibuster.

Assault Weapons Ban.  National Gun Registration.  UN Small Arms Treaty.  Ammo and Mag bans.  Red Flag Gun Confiscation.

If one of the previously mentioned seats goes to the Republican, then the now scheduled December 6 run-off in Georgia between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock will be for control of the U.S. Senate.

As the votes come in and we get total clarity on the Senate situation, we’ll continue to update you about the fights we’re looking at in January of 2023.

U.S. House of Representatives

Despite months of predictions of massive gains for Republicans, it’s likely that Kevin McCarthy (or whoever Republicans select as their Speaker) will have one of the smallest majorities in modern history. 

At full capacity, it takes 218 votes to pass a bill.  Current estimates show that Republicans may end up between 220-230 votes.   

For comparison sake, do-nothing Paul Ryan had 241 votes (a 23 seat margin) in January 2017 when Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House.

There’s obvious good news here.

1. Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker.

2. Republicans, instead of gun-grabbers like Jerry Nadler, will chair committees that deal with Second Amendment issues. 

3. Pro-Second Amendment allies of ours like Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Chip Roy, and a handful of others may be able to squeeze favorable, pro-gun concessions out of a Republican Speaker because their votes are needed for something else.

But the bad news is that with a such a small majority, a Republican Speaker can also go the other way, using so-called “moderate” Democrats to pass “compromise” legislation with Senate Democrats and the White House.

In a Republican House, look for leadership to attempt to buy off gun owners with “national reciprocity” legislation, but this small crumb will be unacceptable to the American Firearms Association.

With corruption and persecution of gun owners rampant at the DOJ, ATF and other tyrannical bureaucratic agencies, we will insist upon thorough investigations of these unconstitutional agencies, in addition to legislation with teeth that takes their power away.

What’s Next

In the coming days and weeks as each of the undecided races gets called, we’ll get a crystal clear understanding of the dynamics in both the House and the Senate.

We fully expect that a Democrat-controlled Senate with a gun-grabber in the Oval Office will continue their war on our Second Amendment rights. 

In the House, with a tight Republican majority, you can expect Republican leadership to want to do nothing.

Whether it be stopping assaults on our Second Amendment rights in the Senate or pushing Republicans in the House to go on offense, the fights we’ve waged the last two years won’t be slowing down. 

We expect them to ramp up.

In fact, just yesterday, Joe Biden in his celebratory press conference said he’s going to “fight like the devil” to pass a so-called “assault weapons ban.”

Stand with us in the fight to protect and defend your Second Amendment rights by joining the American Firearms Association today!