I have some exciting news out of Virginia!

While our federal team is throwing down in D.C. against H.R. 2377 — Red Flag Gun Confiscations — and our state legislative team is starting to unload against gun control in Wisconsin, our elections division just dropped a political sledgehammer into Virginia that has gun grabbers howling!

You see, tomorrow night is Virginia’s gubernatorial and House of Delegates elections (their elections are off-year) and the outcome has implications that extend far outside of the state, as these elections serve as a referendum on Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats and everybody knows it.

Just in the last two years under Gov. Ralph Northam, Virginia passed Statewide Gun Registration, Red Flag Gun Confiscations, restricted gun owners to one gun purchase per month and much, much more.

Now former Governor and DNC Chairman, Terry McAuliffe, is hoping to step in and fill Northam’s shoes by continuing his crusade against freedom and the Second Amendment.

That’s why the American Firearms Association was excited to produce the ad below and is currently BLASTING it all over the air waves in Virginia, exposing gun-grabbing zealot Terry McAuliffe for the tyrant that he is!

Click here or the image below to watch it for yourself, and get in on the action by funding these ads!

We all know what is at stake here.

If communist politicians continue to dominate in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, that will be the end of her and will only embolden Leftists nationwide to continue their unrelenting assault on our freedom and our way of life.

That’s why AFA unapologetically puts rubber to the road, every time, and we’re proud to be fighting in Virginia!

There are plenty of gun groups that all claim to be “fighting” for gun owners. All of them are raising a lot of money from gun owners with Biden and Pelosi ruling D.C.

But very few of them are actually in the trenches in D.C. and Virginia — where they are needed most right now — fighting to hold the line for freedom and the future of this country.

That’s why I wanted to make sure you saw our ad that’s hammering away in Virginia, exposing these traitors and defending our great Second Amendment!

If you want to help fund these ads, we’d love your help. Then you can know that you played a pivotal and personal role in making sure that anti-gun politicians in Virginia are howling with rage…

…but more importantly, so that freedom doesn’t die on our watch.

To fund this brutal ad, CLICK HERE!

We’re going to be watching Virginia very closely tomorrow and no matter what the outcome, I hope you’ll stand with us and recommit to this beautiful fight for freedom.

Our Fathers fought against unimaginable hardships and tyranny to give us the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Now it’s our time… our time.

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association