Fake News Attacks the American Firearms Association

It looks like Democrat gun-grabbers Raphael Warnock (GA), Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Tim Ryan (OH), John Fetterman (PA), and Mark Kelly (AZ) are in for a rough night on November 8th.

Thanks to your generous support, AFA’s digital ads are pumping across GA, NV, OH, PA, and AZ, making each of these gun-grabbing Senate candidates pay a painful political price for their never-ending attacks on our Second Amendment rights.

That’s not sitting too well with the Fake News, particularly with a left-wing activist “reporter” at the Huffington Post called “Jennifer Bendery.”

Bendery writes AFA is an “extremist gun group” that uses “overheated rhetoric” in our effort to expose anti-gun candidates for the U.S. Senate.

She even writes that “none of these candidates is grabbing for people’s guns,” even though a 30-second review of their voting records, bills sponsored and promise to sponsor reveals that they want to grab virtually all of our guns. 

Bendery thinks that it’s somehow dangerous to ask supporters to chip in “$17.76”!

Look, we understand these people in the Fake News are Communist propagandists disguised as “reporters,” but their non-stop attacks on our freedom of speech (First Amendment) is why we must fight so hard to protect the Second Amendment.

If Bendery had her way, we would be censored, silenced, shut down, locked away and our firearms gobbled up by an industrial metal shredder.

We can’t let Communists like her win.

For the last few weeks, we’ve asked our supporters to chip in order to help fund our U.S. Senate ads all the way until election day.

These five races will determine who controls the U.S. Senate!

We still need 278 supporters to chip in at least $17.76 by midnight tonight to CRUSH our goal!

>>> Chip in $17.76:  FIGHT FOR THE 2NS AMENDMENT ON NOV 8 <<<
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>>> Chip in $250.00:  FIGHT FOR THE 2NS AMENDMENT ON NOV 8 <<<

When you’re done, please renew your membership for 2022, or join for the first time, with the American Firearms Association below!

For America,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Vice President
American Firearms Association