In less than two months, Republicans in Congress will face a choice — give the scandal-ridden, anti-gun ATF billions of dollars in funding or CUT THEM OFF.

Since January, our federal legislative team has worked closely with Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida, who introduced our ABOLISH THE ATF ACT (H.R. 374).

We planted the flag with that bill and let Congress and the gun rights world know, “THIS IS WHAT WE WANT” — much of the conversation on Capitol Hill since then has been about abolishing and defunding the ATF.

As we like to say, we’ll never know where Congress stands unless we introduce the bill and they’re forced to vote on it!

But with DC Swamp Monsters like Kevin McCarthy in charge, we’re facing stiff opposition to abolishing the ATF.

That’s why we’re asking EVERY SINGLE 2A SUPPORTER across America that we can find to HAMMER the Congress with petitions, calls, and emails insisting they take the fight to the ATF.

Even if you’ve already done so, please sign your petition below supporting Congressman Matt Gaetz’s ABOLISH THE ATF ACT!

After you’ve signed your petition, please chip in $10 or $20 to help fund our national ad campaign running right now urging grassroots 2A supporters to support ABOLISH THE ATF!

For America,

Chris Dorr, President
American Firearms Association