2 MASSIVE gun control bills have passed through Congress in as many months!

The first bill made it all the way through the Senate and was signed by Joe Biden giving $750,000,000 in bribe money to the states to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws.’

The second is Pelosi’s “Assault Weapons” ban bill, H.R. 1808, which was just passed through the House and is being deliberated in the Senate.

To suggest the Senate wouldn’t touch this bill after they just passed the biggest gun control bill in 25 years is crazy and I’m asking for your help to stop it!

The Senate is in session RIGHT now and could act on H.R. 1808 very quickly, using procedural Senate rules to ram it through, just like Pelosi did in the House.


<<< STOP H.R. 1808! >>>

This is our biggest fight and we can’t let off even a tiny bit until this bill is dead and the tyrants whining!

— Chris



Moments ago, Nancy Pelosi rammed her so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” through the House, aided by TWO TRAITOR Republicans, Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) and Chris Jacobs (NY).

Five Democrats — Henry Cuellar (TX), Jared Golden (ME), Ron Kind (WI), Vincente Gonzalez (TX), and Kurt Schrader (OR) — voted NO on the bill.

Had the two TRAITOR Republicans above voted against Pelosi, the bill would have failed.  They drove a knife into the backs of the people who voted them into office.

Now that this bill has passed the House, it heads over to the U.S. Senate, placed firmly into the hands of radical anti-gunner Chuck Schumer of New York.

You may remember just last month over a dozen Senate Republicans voted for gun control.  With the Democrats and Joe Biden on the ropes in November, we can take nothing for granted.

The Fake News Media and the Democrats are waiting for the next high profile shooting to guilt as many Republicans as possible into supporting their most aggressive assault on our Second Amendment rights in decades.

DO NOT LISTEN to anyone in the gun rights community who says “oh, we have nothing to worry about.”

That’s why we’re asking everyone tonight to once again hammer your StopAWB.com petition below so that we can begin to flood the U.S. Senate with petitions OPPOSED to this dangerous legislation being carried by Feinstein on the Senate side.

One week ago, our AFA federal legislative team sat in the House Judiciary Committee hearing on this bill … ALONE, surrounded by gun grabbers.

We were the only gun rights organization who even bothered to show up.

AFA will always do what we say we will do with the financial support you provide to us.  We won’t just sit behind our computers, take your dollars and do nothing.

That’s why we’re encouraging you to consider joining or renewing your membership with the American Firearms Association below.

The fights are white hot in this country … this is no time for any gun rights organization to skip out on a fight in the halls of Congress.

Please stay tuned for more information early next week in our email newsletter and social media pages … we’ll be sure to keep you up to date.

Thank you again for all of your generous support and grassroots activism.

For America,

Christopher Dorr, 
American Firearms Association