AFA’s Aaron Dorr interviewed State Rep. Chris Miller (R-110th), Chairman of the Illinois Freedom Caucus, to discuss the latest on HB 5855, Governor Pritzker’s tyrannical gun control bill!

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Here are the details — HB 5855 would:

*** BAN the sale and possession of semi-auto, centerfire and mag-fed rifles

*** BAN all magazines with more than 10 rounds

*** Make it ILLEGAL to purchase or possess .50 caliber rifles and cartridges

*** Increase the age to 21 of getting a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card needed to own or possess a firearm in Illinois

*** Massive expansion of Illinois “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders from six months to twelve months

*** New restrictions on hunters under the age of 21

*** Registration and fee payment with the Illinois State Police for so-called “assault weapons”

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