Jared Polis’ so-called “assault weapons ban” legislation is as bad as we’ve ever seen it . . . ANYWHERE in the country.

If he gets his way, a Colorado “assault weapons ban” would be as bad if not worse than New York, California and Illinois.

Here are the details of his proposed legislation:

— bans ALL semi-automatic rifles that have detachable mags:

— bans ALL semi-automatic rifles that have fixed mags that hold over 10 rounds;

— bans MANY pistols that use detachable mags;

— bans MANY common semi-automatic shotguns;

— bans ALL .50 caliber rifles;

— bans ALL firearms with threaded barrels;

With the Colorado General Assembly now in session, we’re expecting a full-on push for Polis’ “assault weapons ban” legislation and even more any day now.

That’s why we’re asking all of our supporters across Colorado to take action today to crank up the heat at the Capitol in Denver.

Please sign your official petition to DEFEAT JARED POLIS’ ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN!

For America,

Chris Dorr, 
American Firearms Association