After spending over 100 million dollars to flip control of Congress and put the Speaker’s gavel back into Nancy Pelosi’s hand, Michael Bloomberg is pushing for results.

And Nancy Pelosi is doing all she can to deliver!

That’s why I’m writing you today, as it appears likely that Congress will be holding hearings NEXT WEDNESDAY on H.R. 8!

H.R. 8 is being sold to gun owners as an innocent ‘Universal Background Check bill’ that shouldn’t bother gun owners like you and me.

But the reality is far different.

This legislation is at the very top of the gun-control agenda being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and Michael Bloomberg, because far from being a harmless bill, H.R. 8 would create a database of every gun owner in America!

That’s because the bill would make it a FELONY offense to sell, load, or transfer a firearm to someone without first running a NICS check and adding that person’s name to the government’s database.

Want to sell your cousin a Remington 870 as the two of you prepare for a hunting trip in the fall? If you don’t first obtain government permission, you’d be a felon!

Want to trade a historic .22 rifle with your brother-in-law as many gun owners like to do? If you don’t first obtain government permission, you’d be a felon!

The list goes on and on and on.

Pelosi’s ultimate goal is to create a system where every transfer of every firearm is run through a government database, to give them the ultimate list of who owns firearms in this country!

We all know why.

Before the government could ever try to confiscate firearms, they would need to know where they are, and that’s exactly what this bill would begin to do!

And with over 225 cosponsors already backing this legislation — including numerous Republican Congressmen — it’s vital that you email your congressional leaders and tell them to oppose H.R. 8 now!

Please understand the games that Pelosi is trying to play here.

The bill has been drafted so as to exclude firearms transfers between immediate family members within two degrees of consanguinity.

Far from being a good thing, this is very dangerous to our right to keep and bear arms.

Here’s why.

Pelosi knows that the more egregious this bill is, the more gun owners will stand up and oppose it. Making it a crime for a grandfather to pass down his firearms to his son and grandson would anger millions of gun owners, for example.

By carving this type of transfer out of H.R. 8, Pelosi is trying to lull gun owners into a sense of calm, desperately hoping that you do not take action!

Don’t let her get away with this.

Send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right away, telling your congressional leaders to oppose H.R. 8 and the entire gun control agenda being pushed in Washington D.C.

Again, don’t let this language fool you.

The moment they get a version — any version — of this bill passed into law, they will immediately set about to remove these carve outs and make this apply to all transfers.

They’ll simply find a case where a mass shooter obtained a firearm from a family member, and just like that, there won’t be any more carve outs and their dream of a national gun registry will be complete.

Michael Bloomberg didn’t spend 100 million dollars working to flip the US Congress only to pass half-measures.

And today’s gun control advocates, whether in state legislatures or in Washington D.C., aren’t looking to pass half-measures, either!

They want to crush the Second Amendment, break the back of gun owners, and destroy our heritage of freedom and patriotism!

This bill is an attempt to do exactly that!

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right away, telling your lawmakers that you’re watching this closely, and that you’ll remember their votes on this bill in 2020.

And when you’re done, please make a donation to the American Firearms Association to help us get the word out to as many gun owners as possible!

In just a few days, AFC supporters have poured almost 25,000 emails into targeted Congressional inboxes in swing states like Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and others telling lawmakers to oppose Pelosi’s gun control agenda.

But we want to crank up the heat, and hammer Congress with hundreds of thousands of emails from mobilized gun owners!

That means using direct mail, increasing the size of our email list, rapidly ramping up our social media platform and much more!

Whatever you can do will go directly to this fight.

I don’t know what you can give. Some generous donors have already given $500 to $1,000. If you are able to do that, we can’t thank you enough!

But I also know that for others, a donation of $100, $50, $25 or even $10 is a sacrificial gift.

Whatever amount you can afford, please take action today so that we can crank up the pressure in targeted Congressional districts around the country!

Whatever you do, please fire off your emails right away, as the hearing will be taking place shortly!