Governor Jared Polis and Soros/Bloomberg-funded gun-grabbers want to ram HB23-130 down our throats, but our members and supporters are putting up a major fight right now!

Polis’ “assault weapons ban” is introduced by Communist gun-grabbers Representative Elisabeth Epps and Senator Rhonda Fields.

This legislation (details below) must be defeated!

We’re spending thousands of dollars on ads across the state of Colorado, mobilizing gun owners to call and email in, INSISTING their elected officials vote NO on this tyrannical gun control bill.

Please chip in $5, $10, $17.76 or whatever you can afford below to keep our ads running across the state all the way through this session!

<<< Chip in $50 to DEFEAT HB23-1230! >>>
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<<<Chip in $17.76 to DFEAT HB23-1230! >>>
<<< Chip in $10 to DEFEAT HB23-1230! >>>
<<< Chip in $5 to DEFEAT HB23-1230! >>>

Here are the details — HB23-1230 would:

*** BAN the manufacturing, importing, purchasing, selling, offering to sell, or transferring ownership of a semi-auto firearm in addition to hundreds of other rifles, pistols, and shotguns

*** BAN on all .50 BMG rifles, despite the fact they are virtually never used in commission of a crime

*** BAN on common firearm “parts” and components whose could land you in jail for up to 120 days and a $750 fine

After you’ve taken action, please join up with AFA TODAY at

For America,

Chris Dorr, President
American Firearms Association