AFA encourages ALL of supporters across Idaho to support SB 1004, an expansion of Idaho’s Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Our state affiliate, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance (IDSAA), is leading the charge!

IDSAA is working hard to expand Stand-Your-Ground with the recent introduction of SB 1004 by State Senator Scott Herndon (R-1).

SB 1004 is a crucial piece of legislation that will expand Stand-Your-Ground law in Idaho and help protect Idahoans from George Soros-backed prosecutors.

While Idaho already has Civil Immunity, and there is no “Duty to Retreat,” it’s been missing the very important Stand-Your-Ground element of “Criminal Immunity.”

SB 1004 will ensure that Idahoans can invoke Stand-Your-Ground with 14 days of being jailed on a charge against them.

Without this protection, prosecutors can put you in jail for months on end without sufficient evidence to hold you.

In addition to the important pre-trial motion, there is potential recourse for individuals who acted in self-defense to recover some costs if they are found “not guilty.”

Under SB 1004, if a jury finds a defendant not guilty, the judge will “poll” the jury and ask why they found the defendant not guilty.

If the jury finds the defendant was not guilty by reason of “self-defense,” the judge can award reasonable attorney fees to be paid for by the county who tried the defendant.

Right now, IDSAA has secured 32 cosponsors on SB 1004, but they need even more.

Please click below and send an email directly to your legislator insisting they cosponsor and publicly support SB 1004!


For America,

Christopher Dorr, President
American Firearms Association