AFA’s Patrick Parsons and Chris Dorr were on hand for Congressman Thomas Massie’s quarterly 2A Caucus meeting in Washington, DC, last week.

The guest speaker was Kyle Rittenhouse, who gave what he called his “first speech ever,” detailing the ups and downs of his life over the last few years.  Truly an amazing display of courage from a young man who is still just 19 years old.

Most inspiring was Rittenhouse’s desire to spend the coming years advocating publicly for Second Amendment rights.

He even mentioned during our conversations that he’d love to come testify in favor of Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states’ gun rights bills!

After spending much of the week on Capitol Hill conducting 30+ meetings with legislators and staff, there’s growing support for pro-2A legislation like SAPA, National Stand Your Ground, and Repeal of Gun Free Zones, but there is already significant push back from Republican leadership.

There is some good news . . . 

Incoming Republican Eric Burlison of Missouri (who also attended the meeting) is a long-time ally of our state affiliate, the Missouri Firearms Coalition, who we worked with over the last six years to pass Constitutional Carry, SAPA, and host of other pro-2A pieces of legislation.

With Biden and the Dems controlling the Senate, and Republicans with one of the narrowest majorities in history, the dynamics of the next Congress will be different, but the legislative dangers remain much the same.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest developments from Washington during the lame duck session of Congress and when the new Congress is sworn in January 3. 

— American Firearms Association