As busy as we are fighting against the gun-gabbers during the Lame Duck Congress, next year promises to be even busier!

With Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in D.C. keeping the Senate and the GOP having the smallest of margins in the House, your American Firearms Association needs to be prepared for full on fights in DC, in courtrooms, and in state legislatures across the country.

That’s why I’m writing you today.

If you are a current member of the American Firearms Association, your 2023 membership card — along with your membership renewal forms — are in the mail and arriving this week!    

I know it’s a risk to send you your membership card before you’ve officially renewed.  But with everything we’re facing in 2023, I’m counting on your support MORE THAN EVER NEXT YEAR!

(NOTE: If you are an AFA Lifetime Member, don’t worry! You get a copy of all our communications as a part of your Lifetime Membership.)

So please keep an eye on your mailbox.

When you get your renewal packet from us, I hope you’ll read the information carefully, so you know what’s at stake, and then renew your membership in the American Firearms Association for 2023 immediately!

For America,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Vice President
American Firearms Association

P.S. If you’d like to go ahead and renew your membership for 2023, either return the membership form you receive in the mail, or do it online by clicking here!