Michael Bloomberg wants to DESTROY the American Firearms Association.

Please read this email to the end for details you don’t want to miss.

I’ll explain…

If you’ve been a member or followed AFA for any length of time, you know we NEVER apologize for fighting for your freedoms and we NEVER compromise with anti-gun politicians.

Because of this rock-solid belief, AFA members have held the line, stopping H.R. 8, Bloomberg’s Universal Gun Registration and H.R.1236 ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ which were moving through Congress over the last couple years.

When politicians in D.C. wanted the American Firearms Association to sign off on their gun control bills, like the NRA has done so many times in the past, we said HELL NO!

When politicians like Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer (IA-CD1) and Senator Doug Jones from Alabama voted against our gun rights anyway, we EXPOSED them in the 2020 elections and AFA members boot stomped them right out of office!

And it’s because of this that the American Firearms Association is rapidly becoming the most hated gun rights organization in America, infuriating anti-gun activists and politicians alike!

And it’s because of this that Michael Bloomberg’s top stooge and founder of Everytown For Gun Safety, Shannon Watts, has taken to twitter to viciously attack the American Firearms Association, me and my brothers, and our state affiliates across America for being “more radical than the NRA” and for advancing the “No Compromise” message!

It’s a title we wear proudly and would never apologize for!!

You see, in Iowa, (where I was born and raised before moving east) despite the opposition of Michael Bloomberg’s radicals and the Republican Majority Whip who fought to undermine us the entire time, my brother Aaron lead the charge in passing Stand-Your-Ground law in 2017 on behalf of AFA affiliate, Iowa Gun Owners.

In Ohio, while Everytown was doing deals with the NRA on ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws in 2018, I was proud to work on behalf of AFA affiliate Ohio Gun Owners and CRUSHED John Kasich’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill in 2018!

In Missouri, despite a massive radio/TV/newspaper attack from Michael Bloomberg’s forces,  the Dorr Brothers led the fight for AFA and the Missouri Firearms Coalition as we successfully PASSED Stand-Your-Ground AND Constitutional Carry in Missouri in 2016.

In Wisconsin, the Dorr Brothers passed Constitutional Carry through the committee process, before the bill was shot down by then-Governor Scott Walker, who was scared off by Michael Bloomberg’s pressure.

In Wyoming, despite screams of protest from Bloomberg’s hoards and then-Governor Matt Mead, the Dorr Brothers and American Firearms Coalition affiliate, Wyoming Gun Owners, fought tooth and nail and PASSED Stand-Your-Ground law in Wyoming in 2018!

In New York State, the belly of the beast, it’s been the Dorr Brothers and AFA members who have been battling back against Governor Cuomo by sponsoring Stand-Your-Ground law and gathering dozens of cosponsors on this badly needed legislation!

And in Minnesota, when Shannon Watts, Everytown For Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action were howling on the steps of the capitol in St Paul, we were damn proud to lead Minnesota Gun Rights (another AFA affiliate) members in CRUSHING their dreams of passing gun control bills in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

THAT is why Shannon Watts attacks the Dorr Brothers and the American Firearms Association. THAT is why Michael Bloomberg’s head stooge calls us “more radical than the NRA” and accuses us of advancing a “No Compromise” message all across our great land… BECAUSE WE ARE!

“Compromise” in gun rights only works one way and it’s AGAINST us.

Do you think if gun owners signed off on Shannon Watts’ “Red Flag Gun Confiscations” bill in D.C., that the gun control crowd would sign off on national “Stand-Your-Ground law” or “National Reciprocity”, for you and me? Absolutely NOT!

So while some organizations do deals with anti-gun politicians, the American Firearms Association refuses to give an inch and that is why the Fake News Media and Bloomberg’s gun control organizations hate us so badly and want to bring us down.

But we know what you know; that the future of our nation is on the line.

Our American heritage of freedom is under attack from a socialist/communist revolution that is taking place right in our streets as Antifa and BLM thugs attack our law enforcement and burn our cities to the ground.

That is why we FIGHT so damn hard… to save our country. To save the West.

Please stand with us and cram this Leftist agenda right down the throats of the DNC-controlled media and Bloomberg’s gun control lobby by JOINING the American Firearms Association today!

We need every proud patriot in our ranks to continue stopping the left’s attacks on our gun rights and our American way of life.


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Michael Bloomberg hates the American Firearms Association.

Shannon Watts hates the American Firearms Association.

The liberal, bought-and-paid-for Media hates the American Firearms Association.

It’s because we’re EFFECTIVE and we WIN!


Stand proudly for your freedoms and JOIN or DONATE today!

The Dorr Brothers and your American Firearms Association will never, ever stop fighting. We’ll never back down. We’ll never apologize. We’ll never compromise. And we’ll never quit.

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

P.S. Michael Bloomberg’s chief stooge and founder of Everytown for Gun Safety, Shannon Watts, is viciously attacking the American Firearms Association and the Dorr Brothers for refusing to compromise or go soft on your gun rights.

To them we say “Take your leftists ideology and shove it down your throats! We’ll never quit!”

We will NEVER stop fighting for your freedoms and for the freedoms of our future generations!

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