Thanks to the tens of thousands of emails sent by AFA members in opposition to Biden’s Socialist, gun-grabbing SCOTUS nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, you forced every single Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to vote NO on the nomination.

As a result of the 11-11 tie, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was forced to file a motion to bring the nomination of Jackson directly to the floor of the Senate.

The bad news is, notorious RINO traitor Mitt Romney voted YES for Jackson, stabbing freedom-loving Americans directly in the back, in true Romney fashion.

But he wasn’t alone in his betrayal.

He was joined in voting for Jackson by liberal Republicans, Lisa Murkowski (AK) and Susan Collins (ME).

And despite being praised by naive Republicans on Fox News and elsewhere, West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin voted for Jackson as well.

While we here at the American Firearms Association applaud you for your steadfast grassroots activism — the Jackson vote and the recently passed NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill (VAWA) should alarm all of us as to just how tenuous our Second Amendment rights are.

With at least a half dozen (and likely many more) Republican traitors in the Senate who voted for some form of gun control this year, Joe Biden is licking his chops.

Over the weekend, two thug brothers Smiley and Dandrae Martin shot and killed at least six people as they were leaving a club in Sacramento, California.

Like clockwork, within hours, Joe Biden was out with a statement calling on the Congress to move on his gun control agenda.

“Ban ghost guns. Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Repeal gun manufacturers’ immunity from liability. Pass my budget proposal, which would give cities more of the funding they need to fund the police and fund the crime prevention and intervention strategies that can make our cities safer.”

We REFUSE to let Joe Biden use the actions of criminals to DESTROY our Second Amendment rights.

So far during the Biden Presidency, because of your grassroots pressure, Biden, the Democrats, and traitorous Republicans in the Senate have yet to cobble together enough votes to ram through the MAJOR gun grabs Biden so desperately wants.

As we look ahead to the seven months of the Biden Presidency between now and the November election, it’s clear the radical left is waiting for a high profile shooting to pounce.

This past weekend, it was two thugs outside a club in Sacramento.  Next month it could be something else.

You and I must remain vigilant and prepared for political battle at all times.

Some of us live in states where our Senators have never voted for gun control.  Many of us do not.

When the fight comes, your American Firearms Association will be ready with TV, radio, and digital ads, to apply heat on Republicans who are on the fence.

Please continue standing with AFA today by making a generous contribution to our SECOND AMENDMENT DEFENSE FUND so that we have financial resources at the ready to take the fight to the gun grabbers when the battle comes!

For America,

Patrick Parsons

Executive Vice-President
American Firearms Association