The emergency announcement below is being broadcast by the American Firearms Association and our massive list of state affiliates gun rights organizations across America. Please read this important message and take action IMMEDIATELY!



This is urgent! I need you to read this brief email and then take immediate action!

We’ve just received confirmation from our sources on Capitol Hill that Senate Democrats are going to try to pass H.R. 8 — Biden’s National Gun Registration legislation — through a trick play as early as this morning!

As you may remember, this bill has already passed the House earlier this year but has been blocked in the Senate, thanks to a massive amount of grassroots pressure from gun owners across the country who don’t want to be tracked, traced, and registered like a sex offender just for being a gun owner.

That’s all that H.R. 8 does: creates a national registry of every gun owner in America, setting the stage for Joe Biden (or a future gun grabbing President) to implement widespread gun confiscation down the road!

And should you dare to sell or give one of your firearms away to a family member, a friend you’ve known for decades, or anyone else without first registering that gun with the federal government, you would be facing FELONY charges.

But since he can’t find the 60 votes he needs to pass this bill on the floor through the normal method, Chuck Schumer is planning a trick play today where a Senator (likely Chris Murphy from Connecticut) will offer H.R. 8 on the floor and move for its passage via unanimous consent.

 That means that unless another Senator is on the floor and objects to giving unanimous consent, H.R. 8 would pass the Senate and there would never be a roll call vote of who supported it!

That’s why you MUST contact YOUR Senators immediately, no matter where you live, and tell them that if they support a sneak attack on our gun rights and try to pass H.R. 8 without even having a floor vote, there will be hell to pay for their conference next November!

>> Senate Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 <<<
>>> Send them your pre-written email here <<<

Our sources indicate that even some of the Democrats are worried about trying to advance this legislation through these ‘trick plays.’ That’s why it’s vital you contact your U.S. Senators immediately!

What separates America from every other country on earth is that in America, the government derives its authority from the consent of the governed.

We are not serfs. We are not subjects. And we are not slaves.

But if we lose our Second Amendment freedoms, all of that will change in the blink of an eye. Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi know that, which is why they are determined to pass a national gun registry so they can confiscate our guns.

Take action now!


For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

P.S.  Chuck Schumer is trying to pass H.R. 8, a national registry of gun owners, in the Senate THIS MORNING through a trick play! Read the email above for all the details, then contact the two Senators from your state and tell them to oppose the unanimous consent motion on H.R. 8!

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