Yesterday, Nancy Pelosi rammed the $1.5 trillion “Ominbus” spending bill through the House.

Stuffed inside that legislation was the NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill, otherwise known as “VAWA.”  It now goes over to the Senate, where a battle still remains.

As red-blooded, patriotic Americans, we know this spending bill was a disgusting waste of our taxpayer dollars.  

But from a Second Amendment perspective, it’s important we realize how gun control got stuffed into this bill.  It was all made possible because of the deal cut by the NRA on “VAWA”.   

As awful as this bill was, gun control would not have made it in without the assistance of the NRA and their lobbyists, who helped faclitate this attack on our gun rights.

CLICK HERE to watch AFA’s Ben, Chris and Patrick break down the NRA’s latest betrayal of gun owners!

Take action today to OPPOSE the NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill in the Senate!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

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