Today is Day 3 in the ongoing Speaker of the House battle in Washington, DC.

As you may have seen, presumptive Speaker nominee, Kevin McCarthy, has yet to get the 218 votes he needs to become Speaker.

In fact, he has failed to do so on six consecutive ballots.  

Over in the Senate, Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are chomping at the bit to get gun control done alongside traitor Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who participated in a public event in Kentucky yesterday with Joe Biden.

Close to a dozen Republicans who voted for gun control last summer remain in the Senate.

If we’re going to stop gun control from getting to Joe Biden’s desk over the next two years, the House of Representatives must be a FIREWALL.

That’s why we’re asking our members and supporters who they prefer to be Speaker of the House!

Please click below to cast your vote!

For America,

Chris Dorr, President
American Firearms Association