For Immediate Release
June 3, 2022
Contact: Patrick Parsons, [email protected]

Washington, DC — The National Rifle Association was a NO SHOW at yesterday’s gun control hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee, where Jerry Nadler and the Democrats rammed through the most draconian gun control legislation ever seen in the Congress, H.R. 7910.

In fact, the only Second Amendment organization to attend yesterday’s hearing was the American Firearms Association, represented by Executive Vice-President Patrick Parsons, who most recently served as Chief of Staff to Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Parsons had this to say about the NRA’s NO SHOW:

“Gun owners have become all too accustomed to the NRA hiding out when the big gun control fights come. While grassroots Second Amendment activists fight back to protect our gun rights, Wayne LaPierre is missing, with his finger in the air trying to judge which way the winds are blowing.

But we know exactly where the NRA is: They’re working behind the scenes to cut a gun control deal on “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” just like they did on the bump stock ban and FIX NICS in years past. Because of their betrayal of gun owners for decades now, it’s widely known across the gun rights community that the biggest supporter of gun control in America is the NRA.”

At yesterday’s hearing, the American Firearms Association gave up to the minute social media, text and email updates to their members nationwide, as well as offered amendment proposals, and spoke with Congressman Gaetz just off the hearing room:

Hundreds of thousands of emails, calls, text, and petitions in OPPOSITION to gun control are pouring into Capitol Hill offices from grassroots gun rights activists across the nation in spite of the NO SHOW NRA.

To be clear, the NRA is completely silent in the ongoing gun control fights happening right now in Washington, DC.