When radical anti-gun ATF nominee David Chipman was defeated and unceremoniously run out of town last year, the victory belonged to gun owners, whose grassroots activism led to Chipman’s demise.

The lessons learned from the Chipman battle can and should be applied to Biden’s Soros-funded Socialist Supreme Court nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson.

You and I watched this week as Jackson — who the left would have us believe is one of the smartest people on the planet — refused to define what a woman is.

This was deceptive, willful ignorance on full display by Jackson.  Republican Senators must not let her get away with it.

With the Senate Judiciary tied 11-11, Republicans can stop Jackson, just as they did to David Chipman.

In this episode of the American Firearms Association Show, Aaron, Ben, Chris and Patrick break down how Republicans can stop Jackson and why they must do so.


Also, please take sixty seconds to fire off another round of emails to your Senators insisting they OPPOSE Jackson’s nomination!

For America,

Patrick Parsons

Executive Vice-President
American Firearms Association