Just when you thought DC Swamp Republicans couldn’t get any more traitorous, news broke last night that RINO Senators Joni Ernst (Iowa) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have brokered a gun control deal with anti-gun California Senator Diane Feinstein.

With less than nine months to go before the 2022 midterms — where Republicans have a real opportunity to take back control of the Senate — Ernst and Murkowski have thrown a gun control lifeline to Biden and Democrats!

In late December, we alerted you that the gun-grabbers were desperate to pass into law the deceptively named “Violence Against Women Act,” otherwise known as VAWA — and now it’s on the move.

Please take action RIGHT AWAY and tell your U.S. Senators to VOTE NO on this traitorous compromise bill!


Buried inside that legislation was a mountain of gun control goodies ready to fast track through the U.S. Senate and head over to Joe Biden’s desk!

Thanks to massive grassroots pressure applied by the members and supporters of the American Firearms Association and our state affiliates across the country, much of the gun control has now been stripped out, but at least two extremely dangerous provisions remain:

>>> A new requirement that would send an incident report to local law enforcement every time someone fails a NICS check.

Studies have shown that 94% of NICS checks that fail are false positives! But this legislation would encourage law enforcement to open a criminal investigation against you for failing a NICS check, allowing you to be harassed for no reason!

>>> New language allowing state and local prosecutors to be deputized as part-time United States Attorneys and state and local cops to be deputized as part-time ATF agents to investigate and prosecute violations of this new law.

In other words, Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland would federalize state and local authorities, weaponizing them against gun owners who fall victim to this new legislation!

With the Senate deadlocked at 50-50 – this legislation has ZERO chance of passage if Republicans hold the line and OPPOSE it, because Democrats need 60 votes to break a filibuster.

But with Iowa’s Ernst and Alaska’s Murkowski (and their RINO allies) cutting a deal, we’re expecting debate on this legislation on the floor of the U.S. Senate later this month.

That’s why I’m asking you to TAKE ACTION now – put massive heat on your U.S. Senators to OPPOSE this dangerous legislation.


Biden’s handlers in D.C. would love to ban our AR-15’s and pass a national gun registry into law. But as things stand, they can’t get the 60 votes they need to pass these bills in the Senate.

That’s why they are shifting to this new legislation that would allow them to disarm massive numbers of gun owners by redefining what a ‘prohibited person’ is –- with the full support of Republicans in the Senate!

We need to move fast on this.


Biden’s Democrats are terrified they’re going to lose at least the House in the upcoming elections, so they’re going all-in this year to pass their agenda before they lose power.

Don’t let them get away with this!

Take action now!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association