The gun control battle raging in Tennessee right now has serious implications for ALL gun owners across the country.

Just three days ago, Republican Governor Bill Lee came out publicly in favor of a “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” law for Tennessee.

This has sent shockwaves throughout the Second Amendment community in the state and across the country.

If “Red Flags” can pass in a deep red state like Tennessee, it can pass anywhere in America.  

Governor Lee’s “Red Flag” push must be DEFEATED in an overwhelming fashion or we will see many other Republican Governors across America cave to the anti-gun lobby in the wake of a high-profile shooting.

We MUST win in Tennessee.

Here’s the good news.

The day after Lee made his announcement, your American Firearms Association had two of our lobbyists, myself (Chris Dorr) and my brother Alex Dorr, working the halls of the Tennessee State Capitol.

There are hundreds of crazed, anti-gun communist gun-grabbers roaming the halls, but AFA is the only Second Amendment organization on site fighting this bill.

Let me repeat — AFA is the ONLY Second Amendment organization doing the heavy lifting on the ground.

We met with scores of legislators insisting they fight to DEFEAT “Red Flags” in Tennessee. 

No deals.  No compromises.  

Any Republican we find wavering, we let them know in no uncertain terms that if they vote for gun control in any form, AFA will spend big dollars to let all of their constituents know about it.

Those we meet with who are rock solid on the issue, like Senator Frank Niceley pictured below, we encourage them in the fight, letting them know we have their backs and are there to take on the gun-grabbers. 

When you donate to the American Firearms Association, this is the type of direct, in your face Second Amendment lobbying we practice, that isn’t common in the gun rights world.

This battle in Tennessee is so massive with such serious implications that every gun group in America should be there.

But as I said earlier, we’re the only ones here.

And we need your help to win.


Not only are we on the ground here, we’re spending big money on digital ads running across the state.

These ads target Second Amendment supporters, urging them to take action in helping AFA DEFEAT “Red Flags” in Tennessee.

With a few weeks left in the Tennessee legislative session, we expect this fight could span the entirety of it, costing tens of thousands of dollars to win.

That’s why I’m asking you today to chip in with a generous contribution below.

I know you may not live in Tennessee, but if we lose here, the gun-grabbers are coming to your state next (if they haven’t already) with the same game plan for “Red Flags.”


As I mentioned repeatedly in this alert, the situation in Tennessee is very serious.

If you have friends or family in Tennessee, please forward this email to them and let them know what’s happening.

In the meantime, please consider chipping in and offering prayers for our work in the State Capitol.

For America,

Chris Dorr, 
American Firearms Association