After being away from Washington, DC, this week, the U.S. Senate comes back into session next week, and we anticipate the NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill (S. 3623) could begin to move.

With Joe Biden’s presidency on the ropes and his approval rating tanking, it is absolutely unacceptable for the NRA and eleven Senate Republicans to throw Joe Biden a gun control lifeline.

Please take a moment (less than 60 seconds) right now to HAMMER your U.S. Senators with grassroots opposition to S. 3623 by signing your petition against this dangerous legislation.

If you’ve already signed, please do so again.  It’s absolutely vital you and I keep up a sustained level of heat on the U.S. Senate.

Make no mistake about it, S. 3623 CANNOT pass without the NRA giving clearence to these eleven Republicans to support the bill.

They’re throwing Joe Biden a gun control lifeline with his approval and Presidency in the dumps.

AFA’s Aaron, Ben, Chris and Patrick break down this traitorous betrayal by the NRA, let you know exactly what’s in S. 3623, and how you can help defeat it!

Please take action RIGHT AWAY and tell your U.S. Senators to VOTE NO on this traitorous compromise bill!

Here are the two anti-gun provisions that remain in Feinstein’s legislation:

>>> A new requirement that would send an incident report to local law enforcement every time someone fails a NICS check.

Studies have shown that 94% of NICS checks that fail are false positives! But this legislation would encourage law enforcement to open a criminal investigation against you for failing a NICS check, allowing you to be harassed for no reason!

>>> New language allowing state and local prosecutors to be deputized as part-time United States Attorneys and state and local cops to be deputized as part-time ATF agents to investigate and prosecute violations of this new law.

In other words, Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland would federalize state and local authorities, weaponizing them against gun owners who fall victim to this new legislation!

Don’t let them get away with this!

Take action now!

For America,

Christopher Dorr

American Firearms Association

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