Even though Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank, don’t think for one minute that anti-gun radicals in DC aren’t working day and night to ram home gun control and get a bill to his desk for a signature.

A short while ago, Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin gave us a sign of things to come, insisting the Senate Judiciary Committee (which he chairs) will hold a hearing on National Gun Registration (H.R. 8):

The Senate Judiciary Committee will have a hearing.  We’re going to move forward as best we can.  Maybe there is common ground out there.”

We know how these gun-grabbers operate.

They scheme to use high-profile shootings to destroy the Second Amendment.

Even though we know exactly what they’re doing, we can’t take them lightly.

National Gun Registration is the key to their ultimate goal of gun confiscation.

This is the big one. 

After a gun registry comes “Red Flags Gun Confiscations,” then ammo and mag bans, then so-called “mental health” mandates.

That’s why I’m asking you now to send an email to your U.S. Senators insisting they OPPOSE H.R. 8, National Gun Registration:

These America-hating leftists want to completely disarm tens of millions of proud gun owners across the country, and THEY have decided that the most efficient way to do that is by building a list of every gun owner in the country!

This is their mission — getting you and me and every other gun owner into their federal database.

Everything that they say in the meantime is just a smokescreen to hide their real agenda.

And it’s critical that gun owners understand this, the radical left are counting on the support of a certain portion of the gun rights community to make it easier for her to pass this bill.

If enough gun owners believe the Bloomberg/Soros lie that background checks actually stop violent criminals, and that guilts them into quietly sitting this fight out, H.R. 8 will pass into law.

If enough gun owners believe the lie that ‘most gun owners support common sense background checks’ and sit back and do nothing over the next few weeks, H.R. 8 will pass into law.

And if enough gun owners believe the radical left’s lie that the carve outs that protect transfers between family members will never be removed, and sit this one out, then H.R. 8 will pass into law.

But I hope that you will do more than just send an email opposing H.R. 8 — I hope that you will make another generous donation to help us hold the line against this bill.

>>> Donate To STOP H.R. 8! <<<

The American Firearms Association is preparing ads that we are going to be running in key states across the country if this bill moves forward.

More than that, we are already working with our state affiliates in battleground states like Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania and others to make sure that especially vulnerable Democrats in these states are hearing from massive amounts of gun owners.

So please make a donation right away, to help the American Firearms Association pour the pressure on in the Senate!

>> $5 helps us buy more digital airtime;

>> $50 helps us reach out to thousands of gun owners via email;

>> $500 will fund BIG radio ads in key districts;

>> $5,000 will help us put MAXIMUM pressure on a Senator through a combo of hard-hitting programs in their districts!!

Whatever amount you can afford, please make a donation right away, as this is going to happen fast!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association