Stop Gavin Newsom’s Gun and Ammo Tax!

Communist California Governor Gavin Newsom wants to hammer every single gun and every single round of ammo with at least a 10% tax!

Just recently, a bill was introduced in the California Legislature to do just that — Assembly Bill 28.

California Democrat Jesse Gabriel said: “Taxing guns and ammunition sales will enable us to fund more school safety measures and expand proven violence prevention programs.”

Gavin Newsom and the Dems are all in for this unconstitutional, anti-gun legislation and they want to get it passed into law ASAP.

But here’s the good news: Gun owners were able to defeat a similar bill in 2021 because of intense grassroots opposition.

Let’s do it again.

We’re asking all Second Amendment supporters across California to sign the petition below OPPOSED to Newsom’s Gun and Ammo Tax (AB-28)!


For America,

Christopher Dorr, 
American Firearms Association

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