Joe Biden spent the August recess flying around the country bragging about passing gun control with the help of . . . REPUBLICANS. 

Now that the Senate is back in session, he has his eyes set on an even bigger prize: Nancy Pelosi’s recently passed “assault weapons ban” (H.R. 1808 / S. 736).

On almost ten occasions over the last month, Joe Biden matter-of-factly stated that he is going to make that happen.

You see, Democrats believe that banning, confiscating, and destroying firearms, and shredding our Second Amendment rights, is a winning issue in the fast-approaching November 8 election.

They believe that passing this legislation is key to expanding their Senate majority.

They’re looking for any opportunity to ram through a so-called “assault weapons ban” over the next 60 days.

Our job at AFA gun rights activists is to flood the Senate with petitions OPPOSING H.R. 1808 / S. 736 to make sure fence-riding Republicans know that this legislation must be defeated at every opportunity.

Please sign your petition today and hammer the Senate with grassroots opposition to a so-called “assault weapons ban”!

For America,

Christopher Dorr, 

American Firearms Association