Today we’re all praying that Justice Clarence Thomas has a speedy recovery, as he was hospitalized over the weekend with “flu-like” symptoms.

Justice Thomas’ hospitalization shows all of us just how important every single Supreme Court nomination is, and why Republicans must never give in, but instead fight just as viciously as the Democrats.

Biden’s pick, radical Socialist Ketanji Brown Jackson, should be OPPOSED by every single Republican Senator, particularly those on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where hearings will be held starting this morning.

Ketanji Brown Jackson has deep ties to George Soros, who’s millions of dollars in funding for the Communist group, “Demand Justice”, has been spent advocating for Jackson’s nomination.

As we wrote to you on Friday, Jackson’s mentor, Socialist Harvard professor Derrick Bell, referred to the Constitution as “roach powder,” and that he lives “to harass white people.” 

Over the weekend, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley began to expose Jackson’s support of lenient sentencing for pedophilia.

Jackson’s nomination is also supported by every anti-gun group in America, who love her advocacy for “court packing,” which they could use to shred our Second Amendment rights.

Please click here to TAKE ACTION right now and email both of your U.S. Senators directly, insisting they OPPOSE Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination.

Digging even deeper into Jackson’s background shows you why she was put forth as a nominee for the Supreme Court.  Jackson, quite clearly, has ‘paid her dues’ to the radical left.

>>> In 2008 Jackson was an official election monitor for the Obama for President campaign, the most anti-gun President in American history until Joe Biden came along!

>>> For over a decade, Jackson has been a featured speaker for one of the most liberal judicial think tanks in the country, the American Constitution Society!

>>> Jackson’s views on the Second Amendment are so far to the left that she has already secured the support of Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and the Brady Campaign!

Make no mistake, if Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed to the Supreme Court, Biden would not simply be replacing one liberal judge with another.  He would be installing a relentless judicial activist, hell bent on reshaping this great country from the bench!

It is very likely that the court will consider landmark Second Amendment cases in the very near future, and the outcome of these cases could shape our freedoms for generations to come.

Just some of the issues confronting the court will include:

*** Whether or not Biden has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and make pistol braces illegal by executive decree, forcing the American people to get an NFA Act tax stamp or face felony charges.

*** Whether or not Biden has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and force the American people to register 80% lower based firearms with NICS, or face felony charges.

*** Whether or not the ATF has the constitutional authority to bypass Congress and force the American people to surrender their bump-stocks, or face felony charges!

That’s why Biden’s handlers are desperate to install Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court. 

She’s simply the female version of David Chipman and would spend her life trying to destroy the Second Amendment and this country, if confirmed!

That’s why it’s important that you take immediate action so that the American Firearms Association can flood the U.S. Senate with emails and calls in opposition to Jackson’s nomination.

For decades, weak-kneed Republicans in the Senate rubber-stamped virtually every Democratic nominee to the Supreme Court, saying that ‘the President has the right to pick his own team.’

That’s why Republicans overwhelmingly supported overt gun grabbers like Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan when Barack Obama nominated them for the Supreme Court.

We can’t let this happen again!

Letting Joe Biden put an activist judge on the bench without Senate Republicans doing everything they can to stop it would be the height of political betrayal to millions of gun owners like you and me!

Gun owners stood tall last year and forced Senate Republicans to kill David Chipman’s nomination to run the scandal-ridden ATF.

And if we flood the Senate with pressure, we may be able to force Senate Republicans to reject Biden’s extremist nominee again –- and continue to destroy what little power Biden has left!

To be clear, this nomination is about much more than just the Second Amendment.

It’s also about election integrity, border security, tyrannical Covid related lockdowns, the lives of the unborn, and dozens of other issues!

It’s vital that we have the resources we need to flood the U.S. Senate with calls and emails opposing Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court!

Please take action today!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

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