I have wanted to tell you about this for at least two months, but our lawyers told us that we couldn’t talk about it until now.

The whole world now knows that Joe Biden personally directed the FBI to raid President Trump’s home in Florida and that Merrick Garland is doing everything he can to indict Trump.

Biden’s goal is to try to make Trump legally ineligible to run for the White House in 2024 — and the left will do anything they can to make that happen.

I wish I could say that this political harassment was limited to President Trump and Congressional leaders at the top of the political structures of our country.

But it’s not.

Very recently, an FBI team showed up at my previous home, unannounced, and began banging on my front door. They interviewed my neighbors and then called my wife on the phone, demanding to speak to me under the guise of a criminal investigation into ‘the Dorr Brothers’ and our fight for the Second Amendment in Congress and in state legislatures across America!


These agents were there ‘on orders from D.C.’ to investigate an “anonymous” complaint that came into the FBI’s main office during our fight to stop Biden’s ‘Assault Weapons’ ban from passing last month.

The agents said that our emails sounded like we were threatening political violence against the politicians in Washington.

“Anonymous complaints.”

“Political violence.”

Yeah, right.  

The FBI’s real goal was obvious: to scare us into sitting out the 2022 midterm elections so that Michael Bloomberg could take a sledgehammer to our right to keep and bear arms.

It’s no surprise. In his speech last week, our demented Resident-in-Chief said that MAGA Republicans and gun owners like you and me are ‘extremists’ and said that we’re ‘enemies of the state!’ 

That’s why Biden has begun using the FBI and the ATF as his own Secret Police, investigating parents who complain at school board meetings, legislators who fight against his agenda in D.C., and anyone else who stands up for freedom! 

This is evil stuff. 

The weaponization of a nation’s law enforcement agencies to harass, intimidate, and even falsely incarcerate political opponents is a tell-tale sign of a nation sliding into anarchy — and you and I are seeing this happening in real time.

This attack against my brothers and me has gone away, for now. Our legal team in D.C. immediately got involved and dealt with the situation.

(Pro-tip: if a government agent ever comes to your door with some ‘harmless’ questions, get their business card, tell them that your lawyer will be in touch, and don’t say anything else.)


We could play it safe. The Dorr Brothers and the millions of gun owners that we fight for could sit this election cycle out, hope that our vengeful President and the FBI leave us alone, and pick up where we left off after the midterms.

But if we give into this pressure, then these America hating socialists have already won!  

That’s why we are preparing the largest election program in AFA’s history, a program that will be kicking off in just a few more weeks.

We need to send a message to gun-grabbers here in Congress and the Senate — not to mention our power-hungry dictator in chief — that this great nation stand for freedom!

Please make sure that we have the resources we need to run these programs by making an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford TODAY!

America is unique amongst the history of the world because here, the government rules by the ‘consent of the governed.’

If we lose that — if our nation falls under the control of vengeful tyrants in Washington who rule over us through fear and absolutism — then our children and grandchildren will pay a terrible price.

We must stand up against this madman and the entire Radical Left before it’s too late! Help us do that; make a donation TODAY!

For America,

Christopher Dorr, President

American Firearms Association

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