For the last few months, the members and supporters of the American Firearms Association have flooded the U.S. Senate with calls, emails, and petitions OPPOSING so-called “VAWA” (S. 3623).

The bill as currently written contains at least two nasty anti-Second Amendment provisions listed below that WILL give the federal government more gun control powers.

The American Firearms Association has learned that the NRA is openly telling gun owners this:

“There is currently no gun control in the bill.”

The NRA is LYING to gun owners.

Here are the gun control provisions still remaining in the bill:

1. A new requirement that would send an incident report to local law enforcement every time someone fails a NICS check, encouraging law enforcement to open a criminal investigation against you for failing a NICS check, allowing you to be harassed for no reason!

2. New language allowing state and local prosecutors to be deputized as part-time United States Attorneys and state and local cops to be deputized as part-time ATF agents to investigate and prosecute violations of this new law.

S. 3623 is now commonly known in the gun rights community as the NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill . . . 

With Joe Biden’s back against the wall, this betrayal of gun owners by the NRA can never be forgotten.

Because of your grassroots activism and pressure, S. 3623 keeps getting pushed back, but it could come to the Senate floor at any time.

If we’re going to kill this bill, we need to keep up the heat — please take a moment to HAMMER your U.S. Senators with petitions OPPOSING S. 3623.

Even if you signed already, please do so again.  It’s absolutely vital you and I keep up a sustained level of heat on the U.S. Senate.

Take action today to OPPOSE the NRA / Feinstein Gun Control Bill!

For America,

Christopher Dorr

American Firearms Association

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