There’s a major fight brewing in states all across America to strip gun owners of their freedom and tonight I have an important update for you.

The Biden regime is struggling to find the votes needed to pass H.R. 8 (the National Gun Registration bill) through Congress, so they’re turning to State legislatures to get it done!

Our Wisconsin in-state powerhouse, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, is now reporting that WI Attorney General Josh Kaul and legislative Democrats just introduced a MASSIVE “Statewide Gun Registration” bill under the guise of a background checks system and are trying to ram it through the legislature at lightning speed!

This is a definite possibility as just a couple years ago, Republicans in the State Assembly tried to pass a Statewide Gun Registration bill under then-Governor Scott Walker, but it was shut down hard by AFA’s in-state team.

Statewide Background Checks (gun registration) has just one purpose: to track, trace, and register every single gun owner in Wisconsin like sex offenders and facilitate the gun-grabbers ultimate goal: gun confiscation!

This legislation creates this database by making you a FELON if you transfer a firearm without first going through a NICS check, thus giving the federal government an ever-growing list of all gun-owning Americans.

So, depending on the bill’s final language, if you want to pass a family heirloom firearm down to your grandson, he will have to submit to a government check first — or you would be facing a FELONY! 

Or if your adult daughter moved out of your home and set up an apartment of her own, and you wanted to give her a Glock 19 for protection, she would have to submit to a government check first — or you would be facing a FELONY!

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Even loaning a lifelong buddy a shotgun for a weekend hunting trip would require a government check first –- or you would be facing a FELONY!

You may not live in Wisconsin, but this legislation affects us ALL.

You see, less than a decade ago, many gun owners had never heard of a state that had Statewide Background Checks or gun registration, but now, 21 states have some form of forced gun registration on the books!

The truth is, what happens in one state affects what happens in all the rest, and that’s why the American Firearms Association is fighting not just in Congress, but in state legislatures like Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Georgia, Minnesota, North Carolina and many more.

That’s why we have such a massive group of state affiliates, fighting like hell to shut down gun control in these states, because it helps protect our Second Amendment in all the others AND stops tyrants in D.C.

So please help us do battle in Madison, Wisconsin, to shut down this gun control bill and protect other states as well!

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The fact is, if Biden’s regime is successful at passing H.R. 8-style legislation through the STATE legislatures, it will only bolster their plans for passing this legislation at the FEDERAL level as well.

So please help us wage this fight on behalf of our countrymen in Wisconsin by making a donation of any amount right away!

Whether it’s $5 or $500, we’ll put this money right to use mobilizing gun owners in opposition to this bill.

Thank you for all you do to help the cause of freedom!

For America,

Christopher Dorr
American Firearms Association

P.S. Communists in Wisconsin have launched an all-out war on gun owners, introducing and pushing a Statewide Gun Registration bill that would turn countless gun owners into FELONS for giving an heirloom rifle to a grandchild or giving a pistol to your spouse for self-defense.

AFA’s in-state affiliate, the Wisconsin Firearms Coalition, is waging war against this legislation and the American Firearms Association is going to wade into this fight too!

Help us FIGHT in Wisconsin by making a donation right away!

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What happens in one state will affect us all, and if Wisconsin falls, many more will too. So I hope you’ll be generous!