Dear Second Amendment Supporter,

Even with Democrats making moves to impeach President Trump, gun control battles continue raging in Washington, DC.

Just in the last two weeks, we’ve seen multiple anti-gun pieces of legislation heard, and in some cases, rammed through U.S. House committees.

* Ammo Bans
* Mag Bans
* Red Flag Laws
* So-called “Assault Weapons” Ban
* National Gun Registration

The gun-grabbers are moving quicker than they’ve ever moved before, using their propaganda mouth pieces in the Fake News media and on Capitol Hill to get whatever they can under a Republican administration.

The good news is, the members and supporters of the American Firearms Association continue hammering the U.S. Senate with a withering barrage of emails, calls, and petitions insisting they OPPOSE “Red Flag Gun Seizure” legislation and any gun control that comes before them.

That pressure combined with the Democrat impeachment witch hunt launched last week by Pelosi and Schumer appears to have stalled anti-gun legislation for the moment.

But all it takes is one more high profile shooting, or one back room deal, and they’ll be right back at it.

That’s why we’re asking you to jump on board right now as a member of the American Firearms Association.

As the fastest-growing, only “NEVER COMPROMISE” Second Amendment organization in America, we represent gun owners who are sick and tired of the establishment gun lobby selling their gun rights down the river.

Our members expect us to use their contributions to fight hard, and we do just that.

In addition to fighting for your rights harder than anyone else, we’ll also send you an official American Firearms Association membership t-shirt (pictured below) along with a bumper sticker when you join today.

Your financial support and grassroots activism is more important now than in any time in recent memory.

We have to be just as mean and nasty as the left if we’re to win these gun control battles.

Please join up today and lock arms with us at the American Firearms Association!

— The American Firearms Association