Earlier this week, the American Firearms Association and our state affiliate Wyoming Gun Owners, scored a MAJOR victory for the FIRST and SECOND Amendment in federal court in Casper, Wyoming!

AFA’s Director of State Operations, Aaron Dorr, filed this report after we defeated the government in court:

“Politicians hate being held accountable for their actions. So after the members of Wyoming Gun Owners (WYGO) crushed the careers of so many RINOs during the 2020 primary and general elections, the ‘power brokers’ in Cheyenne tried to silence us with an abusive new Campaign Finance Law that would require the disclosure of our donors.

WYGO refused to comply and took Secretary of State Ed Buchanan and Attorney General Bridget Hill to Federal Court. Two nights ago, the judge agreed with WYGO that Wyoming’s campaign finance law is a blatant violation of the First Amendment, striking the law down and granting us injunctive relief.

Wyoming Gun Owners looks forward to exposing anti-gun politicians in the upcoming primary and general elections, now that we are no longer bound by the state’s abusive disclosure laws.

We will never tire of fighting for the Second Amendment. But also, we will never meekly submit to vengeful bureaucrats who want our members’ names and addresses, to expose them to cancel culture tactics. The State of Wyoming found that out, once and for all, last night.”

This is what we live for here at the American Firearms Association.

Every single day we wake up fighting for your FREEDOM in this country!

We don’t kiss political back side, we kick it . . . that’s our motto.

We’d love to have you on our team, fighting along side us, as a member of the American Firearms Association — join up TODAY!


For America,

Patrick Parsons

Executive Vice-President
American Firearms Association