This was not the result that we had hoped for on November 8.

While gun owners all over the country expected to see a massive repudiation of the Radical Left’s candidates nationwide on election night — that’s not what happened.

The fantastic news is that gun owners appear to have reclaimed the House of Representatives, which was the starting point for almost every gun control bill for the last two years!

The American Firearms Association’s powerful state affiliate program delivered these victories for gun owners by exposing radical gun grabbers like Cindy Axne (D-IA), Sean Maloney (D-NY), and others, who were booted out of office after backing ALL of Pelosi’s gun control bills.

Make no mistake, flipping the House was a huge victory.

Unfortunately, the incoming Republican Party majority will be one of the smallest majorities in history.  In fact, it may be just 222 of the necessary 218 required votes!

And we can’t ignore the fact that RINO gun-grabbers like Mike Turner (R-OH), Tony Gonzales (R-TX), Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), and many others who voted for Biden’s Red Flag bill last summer were re-elected and are included in this majority.

In the Senate, Chuck Schumer appears poised to hang onto his majority.  And while the outcome of the Georgia race won’t be known until after the December run-off, it is certainly possible that Senate Democrats may increase their majority to 51-49!

It’s clear that our gun rights are far from being ‘in the clear in Washington, D.C.

In fact, during his first press conference after the election, Joe Biden said that he’s committed to ‘trying like the devil’ to ban ‘assault weapons’ in Congress next year!

That’s why it’s critical that you renew your membership in the American Firearms Association for 2023, to make sure that we have the ammo we need to fight for you here in Washington!

We’re counting on you.

It seems clear that the American Firearms Association will be fighting a four-pronged war to defend (and expand) our gun rights next year in Congress, and in state legislatures.

First, we need to be ready for the war against gun owners that WILL be coming from the White House and the U.S. Senate next year, including the dismantling of the Senate filibuster.

If Senate Democrats capture a 51-49 majority, which is likely to happen if Raphael Warnock wins the run-off election in Georgia, all bets are off.

Chuck Schumer will almost certainly ‘nuke the filibuster,’ allowing him to pass major gun control legislation with a simple majority vote of 51 (versus the current 60-vote threshold.)

That means we’ll almost certainly see floor votes on an ‘assault weapons ban,’ a national registry of gun owners, and a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law.  And if these bills pass the Senate, our gun rights will hinge on just 3 or 4 votes in the House!

Second, we’ll be working with pro-gun leaders in the House to advance pro-gun legislation like the National Reciprocity Act, the National Stand-Your-Ground law, and more!

For the first two years of President Trump’s term, when the GOP controlled both chambers of Congress, Speaker Paul Ryan never passed a single gun bill, wasting that pro-gun momentum.

We can’t let the RINOs do that again.

Even if these bills are blocked in the Senate, it’s vital that we condition House Republicans to pass pro-gun bills when they have the majority.  Gun owners worked hard to get a House Majority; it’s time that the majority fights for us!

Third, the American Firearms Association will be fighting like hell to block Biden’s gun control agenda in court next year, filing lawsuits and Amicus Briefs all over the country!

AFA’s legal team fought Joe Biden and the DOJ in Federal Court and in State Supreme Courts throughout 2022, winning big victories in New York, Missouri, and Wyoming.

But with Joe Biden losing control of the House, you can bet that the White House will be issuing a non-stop flood of gun control directives through Executive Orders.

Just like his ban on pistol braces and 80% lowers this year, the unconstitutional orders Biden signs in 2023 will have to be beaten down in Federal Court — and we need to be ready for it!

Fourth, after the election results, we are gearing up for a massive battle in state legislatures across the country!

In Michigan, anti-gun Democrats flipped both the State House AND the State Senate, and now re-elected Governor Gretchen Whitmer is hell-bent on passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’

In Pennsylvania, incoming Governor Josh Shapiro is eager to ram a ban on AR-15s into law . . . the Democrats have likely flipped the House of Representatives, too.  This is going to be a fight!

In Minnesota, Tim Walz was re-elected as governor, and Bloomberg-backed candidates took control of the State Senate, giving the Democrats a trifecta.  Next year, the gun rights of almost 6 million people will come down to 4 votes in the Senate.

But in some states gun voters EXPANDED their pro-gun majorities, setting them up for a major expansion of freedom.

That’s why AFA will be assisting our state affiliates in Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, and Indiana as they go ‘all in’ to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act — which prevents Biden from using local cops to enforce his national gun control agenda.

As you can see, the fight for gun rights is going to be intense next year.  The actions of AFA’s grassroots army will be the deciding factor in major Second Amendment battles in Congress and state capitols across the country.

That’s why it’s crucial that you renew your membership in the American Firearms Association!

In fact, with what we’re facing, I hope that you’ll consider a very generous donation!

Other national organizations only stick their heads up when Democrats are in charge (and there’s money to be raised!) but when Republicans take control, they sit down, shut up and do nothing so they don’t anger the RINOs in Congress.

They won’t push pro-gun bills.  They won’t fight in state legislatures.  They won’t get in gun-grabbers faces . . . they’re just bone lazy, and they won’t put in the work.

But that’s NOT the American Firearms Association . . . 

We’re getting ready for a two-year fight in Congress (and state legislatures) that will determine if America remains an armed and free people or disarmed serfs able to be tyrannized.

This means mountains of direct mail.  Massive quantities of emails. Hard-hitting digital and TV ads.  And a ground game where we confront these sick politicians head on!

But we can’t do this without you.  Please note that any renewal of $75 or higher entitles you to a FREE AFA T-Shirt, our way of saying thanks.

The new Congress will convene in just a few weeks, please renew your membership immediately!

For America,

Chris Dorr, President
American Firearms Association

P.S. While gun owners took back the House of Representatives (by the smallest of margins), this was far from a ‘Red Wave,’ and Chuck Schumer still runs the Senate.

AFA is getting ready for a major push for gun control from Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.  But we’re also working with our allies in the House to force the GOP to go on the attack with multiple pro-gun bills!

Between this and the fights we know are coming in state legislatures, I hope you’ll renew your membership for 2023 with a generous gift today!  Any renewal of $75 or more comes with a free AFA T-Shirt.